DVG Productions


The World’s Most Outrageous TV Cooking Show Starring John Payne and your favorite celebrities.

The former vocalist of the multi-platinum band ASIA, has written a novel, original and crazily hilarious cooking show called Pissed Cooks. John, with his love of cooking, music, comedy, fine wines and other alcoholic beverages, along with his celebrity friends, came to the decision to blend all of these into one crazy TV show.

Each episode will feature a new guest celebrity: musicians, actors, comedians, superchefs, athletes and more.

The cooking begins with the guest as they talk about their life, career, funny moments and passions. Unfortunately, as the show progresses, John and his guest plough into more and more of the wonderful wine and alcoholic offerings, creating an hilarious drunken cluster of chaos never seen before in a kitchen!

Pissed indeed!

15 Episodes in Production of Pissed Cooks.