Songwriters Ashley E. Norton and Edward A. Williams had been through a number of musical endeavours individually – including duos – and the prospect of a new project together sounded intriguing. As details were hashed out, the core principles became readily evident: have fun and tour often. With a large stable of strong self and co-written songs and a prominent mission statement, Ash and Ed were ready to embark on a new journey. All that was needed was a name.


Whitherward is an Old English adverb that means “in which direction”. The word seems to invite an eternal question; it feels like the perfect fit for people that constantly seek to reinvent themselves in every aspect of their existence, always looking for the next impossible question to answer. There is forward; there is backward; and then there is Whitherward.


Joined now by Stephanie Groot on violin, the duo-turned-trio has self-published 4 EPs and one full-length album of intricate, thoughtful music, putting the emotions of life on the road and outside of the box on display. Playing over 200 shows a year, their travels enable them to reach a number of diehard fans, new destinations, and old friends that serve to grow an ever-expanding audience.