Tony Lewis From The Outfield
Tony Lewis, musician; songwriter and record producer is probably best known as a co-founder of The Outfield. Together with John Spinks, the two took the 80’s by storm with their infectious pop songs, including “Your Love,” “All the Love,” and “Say it isn’t So.” Their debut album, Play Deep, was issued in 1985 and would go on to reach triple platinum sales status and the Top 10 in the US album charts. “Your Love” peaked at No. 6 and is still featured in a number of compilation albums, commercials, and has been covered or remixed over 1,000 times by other artists.
After the death of his longtime friend and collaborator, Tony took a break from music. He had always written and recorded solo work since before the creation of The Baseball Boys, and eventually, Tony was inspired to get back into music. He revisited his early lyric ideas, and even with a body of backing tracks, he just couldn’t seem to find anything that worked. Tony told his wife ‘none of this sounds right’ so she agreed to help him and soon Tony discovered that Carol had a talent for writing lyrics and telling a story. Together with his ability to form song structure and melody arrangements an album emerged.
The new album Out of the Darkness takes on the spirit of The Outfield while letting Tony’s own style shine through. On the new album, Tony plays all the instruments, as well as producing and recording everything on his own. After signing with Madison Records, Tony is excited to announce the release of his new CD, Out of the Darkness, in the Spring of 2018, featuring the debut single “Into the Light” mixed by Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates of Madison Studios.
ASIA Featuring John Payne

ASIA Featuring John Payne

John Payne, having been the front-man and lead vocalist for ASIA for 15 years, recorded eight studio albums and many successful world tours with the Supergroup.
To continue his extensive legacy with ASIA, ASIA Featuring John Payne was formed in 2006. Their setlist includes the ever popular classics “Heat of The Moment,” “Sole Survivor,” “Only Time Will Tell,” “Don’t Cry,” “Time Again” and more.

Superlative musicians, luscious harmonies and an engaging stage show.