Righteous Brothers Tribute

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righteous brothers
Gene Sironen and Larry G Jones as The Righteous Brothers
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When Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield (The real Righteous Brothers) came to the Imperial Palace in 1995 to see Gene Sironen and Doug Masters do their Tribute to the “Blue-eyed Soul Duo,” not only were they thoroughly entertained, they were impressed with the response the on-stage duo received.  Bill Medley was quoted as saying, “I wish we got that kind of applause.”  He also remarked, “I feel like we finally made it.” ​Sadly, Doug Masters passed in 2007.

After 8 long years, Sironen finally found a new partner, Larry G Jones.  Jones has the vocal range and look of Bobby Hatfield.  Together, Sironen and Jones recreate the magic of The Righteous Brothers. Gene Sironen & Larry G Jones have performed to standing ovations, especially in the Senior marketplace.  Their portrayal of the Righteous Brothers is not only a brilliant recreation of the Blue-eyed Soul Duo, but it also brings back the history and memories of a wonderful era gone by.