Frank Klepacki And The Tiberian Sons

Frank and TB sons 2

The year is 2030. War has desolated much of the Earth. From over the distant hills comes the deafening shriek of a thousand decibels of pure, face-melting, torso-destroying, jimmies-rustling metal. At the center of the sound are four sentinels of destruction, bathed in amber light and wielding instruments of sonic decimation: The Tiberian Sons. These four gathered together from the harshest wastes of our battle-scarred planet. Two came from the tall, dry mountain peaks of the southwest- guitarist Tony “Prince uf Darkness” Dickinson and drummer Travis Moberg. One from the plains of the midwest- guitarist Connor Engstrom- and one foreign ally from the frigid ice wastes of the north- bassist Max “Wild_Cat” Noel. This elite team of high-tech commandos have exactly what it takes to command & conquer your weak mortal flesh with their unique brand of ultra-heavy symphonic metal ammunition.